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Photography Class

Former Students

Being the BEST is the bare minimum.


Former Student Spotlight

I've been fortunate to have taught some incredibly talented students.   Here are a few former students and their current work.

Lauren Steadley

HI, I'm Lauren! I'm a full time artist and photographer after teaching elementary school for six years.

James taught me how to use my camera in manual mode, but more importantly he taught me to believe in myself. Photography is a tough, over-saturated market and if I didn't learn to have confidence in my own work then I would have quit long ago!

James is passionate about photography and teaching which creates the perfect learning environment. I highly recommend taking any of his photography classes whether you want to make photography a stress relieving hobby or a full time gig.

Lauren LaBeau Steadley 

Sarah Powers

Curbside Chronicle Magazine

Sarah Powers is a licensed professional counselor, writer, photographer, marathon runner, and lover of adventure! 

Sarah uses her gift of photography to capture the daily trials of the Oklahoma City homeless, and their rise as they work their way to self-sufficiency. 

Rae Lynn Douglass

Rae Lynn is a lifestyle and fine art photographer in the Oklahoma City area. She is a mom to two beautiful children! Documenting their life with candids has become her passion. 

In 2015, Rae Lynn opened her own photography business, RL Photography. Publications include Momazine Magazine, The Oklahoman, and Beauty Revived.

"James taught me the skills necessary for shooting photography successfully, but more importantly, encouraged me each step of the way. His continued support and inspiration helped me realize my dream and make that dream a reality. I am forever grateful for his influence on my growing photography career!"

Rae Lynn Douglass 

Shane Loudon

My name is Shane Loudon and I am proud to now call myself a photographer. I have always been interested in taking pictures and I’ve had some type of camera since before I was a teenager. I am very fortunate that I am able to travel all over the country for business and for pleasure and I always have my camera with me. After several years of not being able to capture the shots that I wanted, I decided that maybe I needed to upgrade to a DSLR. I upgraded to a Canon T3i in 2011 and began trying to use it. I thought it would finally capture the colors and the images the way that I saw them, but very quickly I learned that I was still disappointed. I took it with me any time I traveled, and every single time I went somewhere new, I would come back and end up disappointed when looking at the pictures I had captured. Any time I would try to step out and try a setting other than ‘automatic’, it would end in disaster, so the dial would always go back to A.

After four years of using the DSLR, I decided that I needed to try to learn my gear better. I looked online and found a class in Oklahoma and decided to give it a try. Through the class, I was fortunate to meet James Freeman as the instructor and it didn’t take long for me to realize I had made the right choice. He was patient and he had a very good understanding of my camera, as well as the students who were shooting with Nikon as well. Through his teaching, I was able to learn how to brighten my shots, capture the colors the way I wanted to, frame shots better and quickly determine how to set my camera for whatever situation I was shooting in. After the classes were over and he moved away, he has still been available for questions and will give feedback on shots that I ask him about.

Since his class, my shots have drastically improved. I became so comfortable with my camera and how to set it correctly that I decided to upgrade to a full-frame Canon 6D earlier this year. I’ve captured some amazing landscape shots, never being disappointed in the colors that I’m capturing now. I have been fortunate to also be able to shoot some concerts with my DSLR and I’ve always been happy with the turnout, whereas before the class, I would have been frustrated because I wouldn’t have known how to set it correctly and the images would have been too dark or too blurry. I’ve even stepped out and started doing some portrait photography. James did teach us how to pose our subjects and even encouraged us to get Pinterest for help with posing (thank goodness). I just shot my first wedding last weekend and I never would have attempted that in the past. I know I still have more things to learn with my camera, but I also know if I have questions, I can always depend on James to give me some pointers.

Thank you, James, for helping me love my craft more than I thought possible!

Shane Loudon