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Being the BEST is the bare minimum.

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About James

I always say I'm an artist first. Photography just happens to be my medium.

My uncle Tom gave me my first camera when I was five. Since then, I've always loved that I could capture a moment in time forever. Keep it. Collect it. Make it mine. No one else could see exactly what I see, but I could capture it so they could see the world through my view.

So I began sharing my art, and teaching it.

James Freeman Photography was founded on the idea YOU should be YOU. If you have spirit and pizzazz, you've come to the right place!

Momzillas and Bridezillas need not apply! We're here to work WITH you not for you to make your day distinctively you!

Car guys; roller babes; bikers - we love ya! Let us photograph what YOU love most!

Just be yourself.

Be Distinct.